How to create/cancel orders?

In order to buy or sell cryptocurrency on our stock exchange, you need to create a buy or sell order. For our users, we have created a detailed step-by-step instruction, which you can find by clicking on the links ( links )


What the stop-limit order is?

A stop-limit order is a usual  buy or sell order, when the highest price (buy orders) or the lowest price (sell orders) reaches a certain price value, called a "stop-limit". That type of order can help to protect profit or minimize losses. If you place a sell stop-limit order, when the highest price falls to the specified stop-limit or lower value, a normal pending sell order will be created. If you place a stop-limit buy order, when the lowest price is raised to the specified stop-limit or above, a normal pending buy order will be created.


My order is not accepted for a long time, what to do?


All orders are accepted exclusively by users of the exchange, the administration of the site does not accept, control or interfere with trading on the exchange. We recommend you to track all changes in demand for your token.

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