Different types of commissions and it’s changes.

There is two types of commission:

1. Exchange commission

2. Commission for transaction paid for transaction it’s established in accordance of payment system.


Deposit Commission and Output commission.

Exrates commission is 0.5% from the withdrawal amount. The merchant commission is also 0.5%, but for each currency there is a minimum value of the merchant commission. Commissions are summarized. Also, during the creating of the withdrawal request, you will see a window with a detailed commission calculation.


Trading commission.

Selling and buying orders commission comprised 0,2% from it’s amount.

Inside transaction commission.

All transactions between users inside of our exchange is taxed 0,2%


Commission not charged.

1. Order cancel

2. Withdrawal cancel

How to reach out to Exrates Support?

If did not found answer on your question in FAQ you can write to the Support chat in the bottom right on our website by pressing “Chat’ button. Also you can write on our email [email protected].



The last version of the API you can check here https://exrates.me/public/coinmarketcap/ticker

. This public API used for data sharing on Coinmarketcap. Unfortunately private API is under development right now.


How to add your token on our exchange?

The listing manager will contact you. Could you tell me, which way do you prefer?

- give me your email and I will send all info to our manager

- contact us via email [email protected]

- leave a request on the page https://exrates.me/partners


Exrates communities.

The latest news are published on our official news channels:

Website https://exrates.me/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Exrates_Me

Telegam https://t.me/exratesme

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Exrates.me/



This section exists especially for ICO projects at fundraising stage and ICO by itself not done yet. ICO representatives creating accounts on our exchange and putting their token on our platform without listing. This user can sell (create sell order) this token. And other users can buy it, keep on their wallets either till this token will not be listed. However it should be noted that representative’s account will be marked as “ICO MARKET MAKER”. Also want to admit that this token will not able to be withdrawn or refilled till ICO will be not finished and listed on our platform.

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