Exrates' unique address:

 Be alert and check the links, our unique address: https://exrates.me/dashboard

Mail account security:

  1. Always check the address of the sender / mail from which you receive letters;
  2. Exrates does not send letters to donate or transfer funds;
  3. Exrates never asks you to send your personal data a password / login to access your account;
  4. Exrates never asks to send their personal data to participate in promotions and sweepstakes;
  5. All official newsletter for users comes exclusively from the official domain [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

Third-party desktop and mobile applications:

Exrates has no additional desktop applications, installing a bot for trading or other applications on your computer may result in the loss of your account or funds on it, we strongly recommend not using third-party applications while you are working with Exrates.me

Exrates has two official mobile apps for iOS and Android

Link for iOS:

Link for Android:

Two-factor authentication

This is an additional protection for your account, which includes a two-step confirmation structure for logging into your account and the transactions that take place on it.

There are the following types of two-factor authorization:

Two-factor authentication using email;

Two-factor authorization using Google authenticator.

General Account Security Tips

  • Do not log into your account from devices that do not belong to you;
  • Set a complex password of at least 8 characters, which will consist of numbers, letters, and special characters @ *%! # ^! & $ <>;
  • The password from your email and Exrates account should not be the same;
  • Do not switch to Exrates from other sites / forums;
  • Do not install third-party extensions for your browser;
  • Do not open unfamiliar files and applications;
  • Do not provide anyone with your personal information login / password;
  • The Exrates team will never ask for your personal data to enter the account;
  • Do not visit suspicious resources and sites;
  • Install antivirus;

Watch out for the security of your mailbox, loss of access to your mailbox leads to loss of access to your account.

If you use Google authenticator when installing two-factor protection, be sure to write down the sixteen-digit recovery code (which is under the QR code), having this code, if you lose the device, you can restore Google authenticator on the new device, loss of access to Google authentication and recovery code leads to loss of account access.

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